Monday, February 6, 2012

I feel gooooood, oh so gooooo!!!!

I feel good, I feel fine, Cause I wouldn't want this nurse poking that needle in my behind, I feel good...... LOL That was definitely a "Senior Moment".
I just thought this nurse was hilarious and thought I would put her to work.

I could use her around here, as the weather has been absolutely crazy, no winter, just muggy, high humidity, and rainy. My daughter has pneumonia from all of this but is on the mend.

Hopefully, tomorrow I get to play in the scrap room and get some cards to share with my scrappy friends.

I hope you got a chuckle and maybe just a smile, if so, my job was complete.
If you have a moment to share, leave a comment. Thanks.

Until then, take care and God Bless.


  1. I'm with you...I want a new nurse if I go to the dr.! Hope your daughter is well soon!

  2. Oh Joanie, you know I love this nurse !! Well...not really! hahaha She is too cute!! I am still laughing about the email link and what your X said and what you said back to him! That cracked me up!!
    xoxoxo Joy