Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Oh, it's been way too long...

I said in a couple of previous posts that I was coming back and getting busy here.  Well, sometimes life gets in the way and then you get an unexpected illness that almost takes you out.... it was bad.  But thanks be to God, here I am and definitely going to be here often.

I was walking through Michael's and saw a little two foot tree and thought... that would be great for a "HOPE" tree, I could put pink ribbons with tags and the names of the people can be hung on the tree.....
Well, I had to get it ok'd with my Pastor, so I went in with my little 2 foot tree and talked to him and he thought it was a great idea.  He said every family is touched by cancer.  So we continued talking and he would repeal say, I really like the idea with the Hope Tree. Then he said, since we have 500-600 people at service each weekend I think it would be very nice and comforting to some as I will take it at the end of the month and place it in the Sanctuary and say a special prayer......I looked at my little tree and thought 500-600 in the congregation every weekend????   I told him we could put a donation box and all money collected would be donated to cancer research.  He continued to agree and I still kept looking at my little 2 foot tree.  End of meeting......... Michael's here I come and getting the 4 foot tree.....Whew!! feel a little better.  LOL  We had a little over a hundred ribbons and had donations of $250 or so.  Time to donate to cancer center...WAIT!! THERE'S MORE..... we were told there was a grant we could get because of the donation and this really floored me.... we got the grant and it matched $14.00 to $1.00... we ended up donating over $3,000. for research.  AWESOME!!!!! 

Also, since October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are some cards that my daughter friend and I made and shared them at my church with the Hope Tree.  Many tags have been hung on the tree and the cards, and prayers were being said for those starting treatment, going through treatment, survivors, and for those who fought and lost the battle.

So here we go..... a few pictures, nothing cropped or otherwise... just a few snapshots taken.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back often and visit.

So until then,
Take care and God Bless.


  1. what a great story!! great way to grow your faith :-)

    1. Thanks. I hope you come back soon. Have a great day.