Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm baaaaackkk!!

Hi all, I hope everyone had great holidays. Mine were fine and of course busy with out of town company, cooking and all the holiday duties, so of course I did not get to scrap. Well, I really needed to get moving here because my BFF's birthday is soon, plus she needed a Mardi Gras card for her Secret Pal from high school, (fifty plus years ago) WOW!!

The school girls gathered for a Christmas get-together and it just so happened her Secret Pal brought the Christmas card with her (and was sitting next to her) and was telling everyone how her secret pal sends such wonderful cards. Needless to say, I really felt great when she called and told me as I have been making all her cards for her. LOL I need to finish her list as she still needs, Valentine, St. Patrick, and an Easter card and then in May the pals get to meet and find out who their secrect pals were. They also, get to pick another one, so I will have to continue to keep my BFF in supply. LOL It's been fun.

So first of all, here is my BFF's birthday card she will be getting soon.

And I did finish the Mardi Gras card, so here is my BFF's card for the occasion.

I did go visit her between Christmas and New Years in Louisiana and we had the greatest time together. We may not talk for a few weeks by phone but when we do it's like we've been together all the time. She is really my BFF, God Bless her.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek, I enjoy your visits and comments.
Take card and God Bless.

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