Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's Dance !!!

Good morning or good afternoon, depends if you had the pleasure of sleeping in today.   I am alway up early, never could sleep late.  Anyway, glad you're here and let's get dancing to some jive or good old New Orleans jazz...  yep, bet you don't know where I was born.  ; )  This challenge for Pause Dream Enjoy is: Do you play an instrument or wish you did?  Well, I tried in my younger years to play a clarinet, ummm... I could play reading music, but I wanted to play like Pete Fountain..  LOL  never made it, never played the clarinet too long.

So, here is my card and I hope you enjoy it and maybe get a tune going for the day. 
It's a fun challenge and I hope you get your instrument out and play along here and maybe win a fantastic prize from our super duper sponsor this month Squiggle Fly
Squiggle Fly is giving you a choice of any 3 items from the Squigglefly store, now how cool is that? 
So let's here a drum roll, please!!!!!!!!!
Well, that's all folks from me today.  I will be back real soon with a post for Link Up for Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Please visit.


  1. This is fabulous, a great design and I love the colours


  2. Great card Joanie!!! Love It! :)

  3. I love this card!! Where did you get the guitar charm??