Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

Well, this is a post I didn't think I would be making, Waiting for Hurricane Isaac, but since I was born and raised in New Orleans I thought I could qualify for a card to cover that title.  Lord knows I've waited for many in my lifetime.  I was spared for Katrina as I moved to Alabama in 1998, but my family and friends were all still there and till this day have lost contact with some.  So here is my card I came up with...... 

It's just unbelievable that it will hit or arrive on Katrina's 7th anniversary after stalling for 3 or 4 days in the Gulf of Mexico.  I guess there's a reason, but one does wonder, why?
All I can say, is I hope and pray for everyone down in the Big Easy and for my family and friends that all will be over soon with not much harm to anyone and not much damage.
I apologize that this is not one of my more humorous post as usual, but the old girl here is just not herself today.  I'm sure you understand.
Until next time,
take care and God Bless,
This card is being entered in the challenge at skdigis - preparing-for-tropical-storm-isaac


  1. Oh Joanie, I've been praying for everyone in Isaac's path. I pray your family and friends will be okay. Hang in there my friend!!!
    And I just love your card!! Where did you get the lighthouse? It is beautiful!! :)

  2. Thanks for entering the challege Joanie... our card is gorgeous and hopefully nothing major happens with Isaac... Hugs...SK :)

  3. Beautiful card!! Thank goodness nothing major happened.